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For many, PHP is an easier-to-use technology for building dynamic page content than Java. KavaChart ProServe includes a PHP chart object that lets PHP developers use KavaChart's Java technology with no Java coding.

KavaChart's PHP charts are generated by a Java server, such as Tomcat, Resin, or WebSphere. A PHP object is used to construct the URLs that will contain a call to the Java Servlet responsible for rendering the chart data. The PHP code looks something like this:

<? include 'kavachart.php'; $chart = new chart; $chart->setProperty('dataset0yValues', '123,321,234,342'); ?> The chart image: <$chart->getImage()?>

The PHP code produces output similar to this:

<IMG SRC="http://www.kavachart.com/PHPChartStream?sn=H4sIAAALBCgH2O9pYYQAAAA%3D%3D" BORDER="0" ALT="">

As long as your web server can access the internet, these pages should work properly, although they'll draw the VE demo information at the bottom of each chart image. To use a local server, simply modify the "imgHost" variable in kavachart.php. See the KavaChart PHP Users Guide for more information.


KavaChart PHP Examples

Run PHP   See source

A very simple chart in PHP.

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The next page generates Adobe Flash© output. KavaChart PHP automatically generates the special data and tags required to display Flash© or SVG. These formats are particularly well suited to PHP pages because they carry tooltip and hyperlink information inside the chart data.

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This sample demonstrates how you can use PHP features together with KavaChart to build a dynamic chart. Using this page you can change chart types, dimensions, data, and so on.

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This sample demonstrates how you can use KavaChart PHP to generate a chart image that includes tooltip labels.

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An example poll with a dynamic pie chart.

Run PHP   See source

This sample is very similar to the JSP samples that use Yahoo data to construct finance charts, but this sample is done with PHP.