KavaChart In Action

Live Chart Samples

In these pages you'll see demonstrations that use KavaChart in a variety of ways to illustrate information from live data sources.

This bar chart displays current temperatures at various weather stations around the United States. Other links on this page show various labor statistics, stock market charts, oceanographic information, and other live public data to show how KavaChart can turn numbers into information.

Virginia San Francisco Los Angeles

This particular chart is generated using AJAX to read XML data from a weather service server, using KavaChart ProServe to transform the XML into a chart image. You can use KavaChart with your favorite stack, whether you prefer LAMP, AJAX with applets, Flash output, SVG reports combined with PDF, SWT and Eclipse, or whatever.

KavaChart is the right tool for just about any combination of technologies.

If you're combining many charts into an information-rich dashboard, be sure to check out our VisualAcuity product. This combination of services, dashboard widgets and semi-custom chart styles uses a graphics-by-objective approach to transform your numbers into real information.

To really get a good understanding of what KavaChart can do for you, we encourage you to download a free trial version of the applet collection or the server objects and try it out on your own servers.

Note: These charts are generated dynamically from real data sources, so what you see is what you get. We're not massaging data to give us pretty graphics.

KavaChart AlaCarte Demo & Download Preview

KavaChart AlaCarte applet collections are perfect for situations where you need to use data from a scripting language like Perl or PHP. They also support tooltips, drilldown, JavaScript hyperlinks, and just about every other charting feature you might want. Because they're applets, they completely eliminate the need for server imaging resources, and they have features like zooming, scrolling, and live data updates.

Wondering what you get if you download the free AlaCarte package? Put an end to the mystery, and go here to preview the download material and applet demos.

Or just skip the preview and get the free AlaCarte download.

ProServe Demo & Download Preview

If you have a Java-enabled server you should try our free ProServe download. This demo download demonstrates how to use a variety of dynamic data sources and chart generation techniques.

Want to see exactly what you get before you download? You can preview the download material and server-side demos here.

Skip the preview and get to the free ProServe download.