About Us

Visual Engineering, Inc.

Our goal? To provide comprehensive and thoughtfully designed software that turns data into easy to consume information.

Visual Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1983 to create graphics software tools and applications for Unix computer systems. Today, the Company develops, markets and supports graphics development tools and applications for a variety of platforms. In addition to its Java based software products the Company provides a wide range of consulting services, ranging from application prototyping and custom product development to project management.

Visual Engineering's technology is widely deployed in mission critical applications worldwide, both in high volume web applications as well as internal networked and standalone applications. Our users include a large number of highly visible companies in many market segments, including most large financial services companies, consulting organizations, many technology companies, telecommunications companies, and energy producers. We also provide products and services to many internet oriented startup companies. In addition, VE's products are included in many commercial product offerings from highly respected companies such as Oracle Corporation and Cisco Systems. Visual Engineering's installed base is in excess of 350,000 users worldwide.

Visual Engineering's extensive experience in graphics software development, including rendering technologies, device management technologies, font management systems, object oriented development, data connectivity, and computer human interface design, ensures our customers of unparalleled software design and development. Whether providing shrink-wrapped application software, development tools or consulting services, VE's uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction is evident by our large and growing installed base of users and consulting clients.

Visual Engineering, Inc. is located at 164 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Los Altos, CA 94022. You can contact us by phone: 650-949-5410, FAX: 650-949-5578 or at .