Product Solution - Enterprise Edition

KavaChart Enterprise Edition is a collection of industrial-strength tools that has everything you need to add charts and graphs to your software. Whether you're building custom server-side tools to create images and reports, or client applications that require interactive data displays, KavaChart has you covered.

Without the pain. Without the bloat. Without imposing a rigid design philosophy that might be at odds with your own code. Without the hassle. Without the royalties!

In fact, if you're considering a freeware chart library, think again. KavaChart's minimal cost structure makes the Enterprise Edition, a commercial library used at thousands of mission-critical sites, extremely inexpensive to use. In fact, it will definitely cost less than freeware if you consider the total cost of ownership.

KavaChart Enterprise Edition includes a range of tools to meet your needs. If you're looking for an API for building charts, you get the powerful package. If you'd prefer Java Beans, you get an entire collection in the packages. You also get an MVC data interface, a collection of data interface beans, and Swing-based customizer GUIs for every basic chart type.

If you want to create chart images for a server oriented application, you get the entire ProServe environment, plus the entire API for complete customization.

We support your target environment, too. Looking for Swing and J2EE support? No problem. Prefer SWT? Building a servlet? EJB? Image output? Flash outuput? Interactive application windows? No problem. KavaChart's unique architecture makes it particularly adaptive to almost any environment. Just give us a virtual machine and a Graphics class, and we'll take care of the rest.

KavaChart internals are flexible, too. Plug in your own formatting classes to create custom labels. Subclass an axis in-line to change scaling behavior. Set alarms, highlight objects, draw overlays, install custom visuals. KavaChart puts you in control.

The KavaChart Enterprise Edition core charting library has exactly the API you'd create, with a price tag that makes you wonder why you ever would. Less that $600 gets you a complete chart server framework, a collection of JavaBeans, the most capable charting applet collection on the market, and a complete API to put together any kind of chart you can imagine. This deal is hard to beat.

What Do I Get?

In addition to the complete KavaChart AlaCarte applet collection and KavaChart ProServe server charting framework, Enterprise Edition purchasers receive the following:

  • Complete Programmer and API Documentation for KavaChart's chart package
  • Complete Applet source code
  • Complete collection of KavaChart JavaBeans for use in your favorite IDE
  • Complete KavaChart interactive applet source code
  • Extensive collection of contributed KavaChart subclass source code samples, including package.
  • Partial package source code
  • JavaScript/KavaChart usage samples
  • 30 day Chart Wizard subscription
  • 30 day library update subscription
  • Development and Deployment Server license keys

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