Support & Update - Subscription Fees

ProServe, Enterprise and Source Editions

We provide free support and updates for 30 days following product purchase; thereafter a separate annual support and update subscription can be purchased as follows:

ProServe Enterprise Edition Source Edition
Annual Subscription Fee (*) $120 $240 $480
KavaChart Wizard Included Included Included

(*) A 25% subscription reinstatement fee applies once a subscription lapses for more than 60 days beyond the renewal date.


The AlaCarte Applet bundles include free email support and use of our chart designer, the KavaChart Wizard, for 30 days. To use the Wizard beyond the initial 30 days purchase a 12 month subscription.

Annual Chart Wizard Subscription Fee  $29.95
One or more AlaCarte collections Included

Chart Wizard
Create "plug 'n' play" charts

Chart Wizard