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KavaChart AlaCarte
Plug-n-play applet collections for dynamic charting.  Professional quality, tiny footprint, customizable, and low cost.

Applet Collections(*)
Includes Price Qty Amount
1. Basic Bar, Column, Pie, Area, Single axis Combo... more $49.95
2. Date/Time-based Bar, Line, Column, Area... more $49.95
3. Finance Hi-low, Candlestick, Stick, Combo... more $49.95
4. Special Speedo, Bubble, Radar, Sector, Gantt... more $49.95
5. Applet Gallery All AlaCarte Collections $179.00
KavaChart Wizard
Annual, per user, subscription
Unlimited use of the chart design applet, including Wizard updates (**) $29.95
(*) There are some limitations regarding your use of AlaCarte applets, go here for an overview
(**) A single Chart Wizard subscription can be used with one or more applet collections

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