The "Ins and Outs" of KavaChart Product Licensing

[Included on this page are overviews for AlaCarte and Enterprise licenses]

KavaChart products are covered by one of two licenses, a KavaChart AlaCarte software license or a KavaChart Enterprise license. The AlaCarte license covers the AlaCarte product(s) while the Enterprise Edition license covers the KavaChart ProServe, Enterprise Edition and the Enterprise Source Code Edition software products.

Terms and conditions related to support and update subscriptions (maintenance) are included in the terms of their respective software license agreement. 

Send questions about our software licenses to orders.

The following is provided to give you an overall sense for how we license our KavaChart products. You are still obligated to read and agree to the terms and conditions of the applicable Software License Agreement before downloading the products. Any differences that exist between the following general descriptions and the applicable Software License Agreement shall be resolved in favor of the Software License Agreement.

In General, How Does the AlaCarte License Work?

We offer collections of applets (Basic, Timeseries/Date, Finance, and Special), one or more of which may be licensed, downloaded and used indefinitely. You can also try out the applets, free of charge, by downloading the free AlaCarte applet package. When you run the free applets they will periodically display an attribution notice, something along the lines of "this applet brought to you by Visual Engineering, Inc.  ... etc." and clicking on the applet will cause the VE home page to display.

When you purchase an applet collection you will receive an applet key (you can see your key by logging into MyKavaChart and clicking on " Update your contact information and update your license keys"). Inserting the applet key (we tell you how, when you purchase - it's easy) turns off the attribution notice and link to the VE home page.

You may use the applets on your web site or on any domain name(s) you own. If you are a consultant then the web site or domain name(s) of your client. If you have multiple clients then you, as a consultant, would purchase an applet collection for each of your clients to use on their site, ten clients, 10 applet collections. We don't want to compete with ourselves so we don't permit you to resell or distribute the applets.

If you charge others to view content, which may include among other things our applets, we consider that a commercial application. And, to distribute any KavaChart product as part of a commercial application you must purchase an Application Distribution license. This would include syndicated sites for which you receive fees or remuneration of any type. If you merely require others to register to access your content or receive advertising revenue from pages which may include our applets, no Application Distribution license is necessary. The Application Distribution license fee is a one-time fully paid up fee to distribute the applets, as a commercial application, to users of your site. Contact us at orders for pricing information.

In General, How Does the ProServe, Enterprise and Source License Work?

Although we license (sell) these products separately they share a common code base. In fact you can think of our products as building one on top of the other. ProServe is part of the Enterprise Edition (which also includes AlaCarte) and the Enterprise Source Edition, includes all products plus the source code.

We license these products on a per developer machine basis, although for the sake of simplicity we often say "on a per developer basis". Technically, you could install the software on a single computer and have a developer on shift 1 use it and another developer on shift 2 use it - fairly uncommon. More to the point, these licenses are not floating licenses, to be shared among users (user's machines) through the use of a license manager, or over a network. If the software were to be used over a network, each user must have purchased a license and have maintenance corresponding to the version of software being used.

When you license these products you can think of receiving one development license and one internal deployment license. In effect, you are receiving two server licenses, one for your development machine and one for use as a deployment server. You are authorized to install the software on one computer for purposes of development, and testing and install the software's server framework, class files, server objects, etc. on a server for purposes of deployment.

If you build an application that is used within your company (an internal use application) and users will access your application, or more specifically KavaChart code, from more than one server, you must purchase additional KavaChart server licenses. One server license for each additional server.

If you build an application that you intend to distribute externally, to third party users (whether you charge a license fee or not) we consider this a commercial application and subject to a Application Distribution license. This is a one-time, per application, fully paid-up license fee. This per application fee covers updates and new releases of the same application even if your application is licensed on an annual subscription basis. New, separately priced upgrades and/or new applications are subject to an additional Application Distribution license and fee.

If you are building applets, including stand-alone applications, see the last two paragraphs under AlaCarte License, above - those provisions apply here as well.

Since we aren't interested in competing against ourselves, you may not develop an application, using KavaChart, which would serve to supplant or compete against KavaChart. Your application must provide significant functionality beyond that provided by KavaChart alone. You may not allow others to use KavaChart in a programmatic way, such as providing documentation to the API etc. You may not distribute source code or any portion thereof. If you have any questions about using KavaChart in your application or whether we might consider your application to be competitive (vis-a-vis KavaChart), contact us at orders.

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