Dashboard Solutions

Visual:Acuity Services

The Framework

The Visual:Acuity dashboard is part software and part services. Using a combination of software optimized for dashboards, and design principles based on visual perception we work with you to design and implement a dashboard solution that delivers the heads-up information you need.

Each project is a collaborative process, a process that is completely scalable - we do as much or as little of the project as you need. For example, you may decide to take on more of the implementation (development phase) while using our design services to design and prototype your dashboard. And, you can always change your mind. No matter how much or how little of the project you want to take on we're a resource you can count on every step of the way.

How We Work

We ask for a brief description of how you intend to use the dashboard (what is the objective(s) or goal(s) you wish to monitor), what metrics do you consider critical to evaluate progress, where does the data reside, and on what platform(s) will the dashboard run (browser, mobile devices, stand-alone application etc).

We view an entire project as having three discrete phases; design, develop, and deploy. The scope of work, or how much we do, in any one or more of the phases is entirely up to you, from none to all.

Project Management

We understand tight budgets, we impose them on those who work for us and we expect the same from those who employ us. Our design and implementation (development) time is budgeted and billed on a time and materials basis. You know in advance what our services will cost and we keep you appraised of our progress every step of the way.

How To Start

Contact us! Go to the Contact Us link and give us an overview of your project, that's all there is to it - we'll follow up within 24 hours. Want a faster turnaround, give us a call at 650 949 5304.

The design phase includes anything that affects the dashboard look and feel. From what metrics to include, to the navigation methods used. Context is key - so, in addition to monitoring information our objective is to organize information into complimentary groupings that facilitate comparisons, making it possible to see correlations and trends, in affect, adding insight to the flow of information.
The development phase involves moving the dashboard design (and most likely an initial prototype) to a working model. Whether your dashboard platform uses JSP, PHP, HTML, Flash, applets or something else, Visual:Acuity's data handling, server objects and imaging framework, work behind the scenes to supply your users with timely information.
Whether integrating Visual:Acuity with an application or deploying it as a standalone solution our goal is to make distribution, rollout and support simple and efficient. We're committed to keeping Visual:Acuity a pivotal component of your business intelligence initiative. So, training and support are services designed to keep you and Visual:Acuity one step ahead of your changing business.