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Dashboards offer tremendous potential for communicating information to anyone responsible for achieving goals and objectives. Dashboards aren't just for executives nor are they just for displaying financial information. Well-designed dashboards improve insight, communication and productivity.

Business Process - Revenue

The first two demos, Sales Management and Revenue Activity Monitoring (RAM), are examples of two dashboards aimed at the same business process, revenues, but viewed from the perspective of two very different functional groups. The first, a dashboard for sales managers and the second, a dashboard for accounting managers.

While dashboards have a primary orientation or role -- strategic, analytical, and operational we believe well-designed dashboards can accommodate or transition from one role to another. These two demos serve to show dashboards developed with a primary role in mind but in each case their design makes it easy to move from one role to another.

The Sales demo can be categorized as strategic & analytical and the RAM demo as analytical & operational.

Sales Management   
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We used Visual:Acuity to implement this highly interactive dashboard. The dashboard design and data are provided by Stephen Few and included in his book, Information Dashboard Design, The Effective Visual Communication of Data (O'Reilly Media, 2006). The navigation interface, various popup info panels and the product analysis dashboard are VE designs.

Revenue Activity Monitoring (RAM)   
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One of the most critical and high risk processes in any company, public or private, this dashboard is used to monitor a variety of revenue metrics across multiple product lines. From simple year-to-year comparisons, forecasts, and revenue drivers to critical quarter-end revenue recognition and audit status.

Real Estate Development - Demographic Survey

This is not a typical dashboard but rather a demographic and marketing survey summarized and presented as a dashboard. The real estate developer, who manages a portfolio of projects in the western states, commissions various demographic and marketing surveys in advance of each project they undertake.

Some of the charts used in this demo are highly customized and not part of the standard Visual:Acuity dashboard widget set.

Demographic and Marketing Survey
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This analytical dashboard is used to display critical demographic and marketing metrics aggregated over a large number of surveys. Although each survey is customized for a particular project the structure and summary metrics are the same from project to project.

If the project is approved the survey dashboard provides the "baseline" or "threshold" metrics for an operational project dashboard.

Health Care - Patient Management

We can't take credit for the basic design of this patient care dashboard. The design, including the specific patient case, are the product of a paper authored by Dr. Seth Powsner & Edward Tufte, August 6, 1994, "Graphical Summary of Patient Status", The Lancet.

We have taken certain liberties with the original work for the purpose of advancing a "proof of concept". Consequently, the implementation and behavior of this dashboard are entirely our doing.

Patient Management   
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This demo was designed to operate on a variety of display platforms, from desktop monitors to mobile hand-held devices. In addition, this patient dashboard highlights the use of an effective diagnostic graph that tracks measurements over a period of time but not at regular intervals. In this case, each graph shows three time periods, measurements for the past 30 years, one year before admittance and the current treatment period. Although the current treatment period shows more detailed information, measurements for prior intervals are easily and quickly compared to a norm for diagnostic purposes.