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Our Commitment to You

When you license a ProChart product you are making an important decision, an investment in your own product, and a commitment to your customers ... only the best software will do. We take that commitment seriously. We specialize in doing the hard stuff; we know what the technical pitfalls are and how to avoid them. We work with you to ensure your project is a success; frankly we can't afford anything less.

With that said, licensing our software and integrating the software with your application are two different things. Generally, as part of the license fee we include up to 10 hours of our time to assist your developers during the integration process. This assumes we understand how the ProChart product will be used and that we can work with your developers. Before licensing is finalized we insist on speaking with, or having some communication with, the developer(s) who will be responsible for the hands-on integration work. If we encounter severe language or competency issues we will recommend that we do more of the integration work or that we not proceed -- in the end, this will save you time and money and save us our reputation.

Software that is Customizable and Adaptable

All ProChart products are designed to be integrated with other software applications or components. And, although ProChart products are generally integrated, they are easily configured for use as stand-alone applications.

Each product has been designed and developed with a "conventional" or primary use pattern in mind; for example, Visual:ProChart (charting) is typically run as a desktop application, web application or as an applet (browser). However, a subset of ProChart can be reconfigured and used as a server-side chart imaging system. ProChart Pattern Recognition (PPR) is generally set up to scan for patterns on a server and provide alerts through a messaging process and/or display results on a client (browser, desktop application or web application). PPR can be configured to run scans on real-time and/or historical data using local machine resources rather than a server. The ProChart Strategy and Test application is generally set up to use local machine resources to achieve maximum performance but it can be reconfigured and used as a web service with all the computational work being done remotely on a server(s). Each product has enough configuration flexibility to meet a wide range of application requirements.

Project Management

We understand tight budgets, we impose them on those who work for us and we expect the same from those who employ us. Our engineering, consulting and training time is budgeted and billed on a time and materials basis. You know in advance what our services will cost and we keep you appraised of our progress (and/or problems) every step of the way.

How to Start

Contact us! Click here to give us an overview of your project. That's all there is to it. We'll follow up within 24 hours.

How We Work

Every project we undertake, no matter how small or large, we identify a beginning, middle and end. More specifically we view an entire project as having three discrete phases: design, develop, and deploy. The scope of work or how much we do in any one or more of the phases is entirely up to you, from none to all.


The design phase includes anything that affects the look and feel, the behavior and functionality of your application. Our goal is seamless integration; we consider every detail and resolve design, development and performance issues before moving to the next phase.

This phase is best characterized as collaborate, design, evaluate, and modify.


The development phase involves moving the application design (and most likely an initial prototype) to a fully functional application. In addition to implementing the design, we stress test, evaluate performance and incorporate user feedback.

This phase is best characterized as develop, evaluate, fix, and recycle.


Whether integrating our product(s) with an application or deploying a standalone solution we work with you to make the distribution and rollout simple and efficient. We're committed to making your application an indispensable trading and analytical tool.

This phase is best characterized as optimize, support and update.