Visual Trading Solutions

Professional level charting and analytics, now available anytime, anywhere; desktop, tablet, phone. ProChart HTML5 gives you all the features of our popular Java and .Net software and a user experience optimized to work the way you do, on whatever device you are use.

A powerful, and flexible charting platform developed specifically for use by the financial services market. Visual:Prochart is licensed by some of the biggest names in the business, and used day in and day out by tens of thousands of traders.

A profoundly different way to develop, and test, trading strategies. ProChart Strategy and Test or just PST, is a revolutionary application, dedicated to developing and testing strategies for equities and forex. Developed for brokers, dealers, hedge funds, trading platform developers and others in the Financial Services sector

ProChart Pattern Recognition (PPR) uses proprietary algorithms and statistical methods to automate the process an experienced expert would use to identify patterns. PPR identifies all popular pattern types, including head and shoulders, double and triple tops and bottoms, wedges, channels, triangles, and now harmonic, Fibonacci and point and figure patterns.