Charting Solutions
The ultimate charting solution for every user, from web designer to Java developer. From our award winning AlaCarte applet collections to our complete charting development API, the Enterprise Edition, we have a cost effective solution for your charting requirements.

Four separate collections of professional quality, plug-n-play chart applets. Each collection, Basic, Timeseries/Date, Finance and Special, include high performance, commercial quality applets. Purchase one or more of the applet collections and use our on-line chart designer, the KavaChart Wizard, to create custom charts in minutes. The Wizard writes the code, you copy and paste the code into your web page or application and you've got awesome charts.

If you need reliable, scalable, affordable high performance delivery of charts and graphs - ProServe is your solution. Sure, you can buy a chart server but why? Why add cost, complexity and overhead when all you need to add is ProServe. ProServe is a server plug-in, a high performance chart engine, including image management services such as load balancing, intelligent caching, and clustering.

The ultimate Java-based charting development environment. In addition to the AlaCarte gallery of applets and ProServe server objects, the Enterprise Edition includes an extensive API for building your own applications, a JavaBean collection complete with customizer support, source code to key product pieces and much more. Users world-wide hakavachart.come to rely on KavaChart because it represents more than 20 years of graphics, imaging and charting experience combined to produce the most advanced charting architecture on the market.

The Enterprise Edition in source code form. Application developers understand the need for high quality, no compromise, charts and graphs. After all, charts are often your application's end product and contribute immeasurable to the "user experience". Do you want to gamble with how your application is perceived each time a chart is created? If your success in on the line you want the Source Edition in your corner. That's why Visual Engineering's charting products are used by virtually every leading software company on the planet.